3D Development

by bifyu at http://flickr.com/photos/51713116@N00/118579140Businesses are complex systems that operate with many constituents and interwoven processes amid dynamic, continuously evolving environments.  Yet, when thoughtfully and elegantly designed, enterprises can appear simple, function naturally, and adapt readily.


3D Enterprise Development is a way to describe the three key motions that empower organizations for health and how those motions can be employed within the typical functional areas of an enterprise.

  • Sourcing.  Spin.  Drive.What creates a healthy, dynamic business?

    Source, Spin and Drive.

    A healthy business, like many natural systems, functions through the energy and balance of three types of motion: Source, Spin, and Drive.

    Source (vision, narrative, energy, direction, creativity)
    High-level strengths draw power into the system and guide it, feeding process and forming an axis around which everything turns
    Spin (process, planning, logistics, production, work)
    As participants grasp and move assets in the system, everything connects and rotates, keeping the whole enterprise steady.
    Drive (execution, impact, innovation, engagement)
    A well-sourced, effectively spinning system is ready to be driven forward in pursuit of strategic change, the enterprise mission, and new horizons.

    3D Enterprise is integral to MuddyHudson.  It’s embedded in how we work: Listen. Connect. Imagine.  It's foundational of our broad view of healthy business: Whole Enterprise.  It’s essential to how we support development of whole enterprises – from Strategy to People.  It empowers crisp planning and exceptional execution by joining different areas of enterprise together to form the Source, Spin, and Drive of the entire organization while infusing each area of enterprise with the power of Source, Spin, and Drive to optimize performance.

  • What gives a healthy business its strength?

    Direction and Identity.

    Strategy + Culture = Direction

    Enterprise Infused with Direction and Identity. Strategy and Culture form a supporting and controlling helix for all other areas of enterprise.  Joining the inward and outward foci of the enterprise, these areas of intrinsic energy translate your strongest soft assets and visionary leadership into everything you do.

    3D Strategy

    Standing still is not an option; the world is moving and changing too fast.  Direct your creative energy towards a meaningful outcome and the result will be clear focus, optimal resource utilization, and one enjoyable journey.  3D Strategy helps you identify the story that will lead you where you're headed, surface key assets for the road, and survey the environment so you know the best way forward.

    3D Culture

    Every business has a culture, whether it's planned or not.  By intentionally seeding your business's culture, you take control over your identity, establish your 'Way" of doing things and create cohesion among participants.  3D Culture helps you uncover your unifying purpose and develop practices and messages that establish and reinforce identity.


    a. story clarification  b. asset inventory  c. environment survey

    a. purpose  b. practices  c. messages

  • What keeps a healthy business steady?

    Faithful Delivery, Optimized Resources, and Actionable Information.


    Inward Health for Dynamic Stability. Three spin-centric areas produce the stability necessary for your enterprise to pursue it's mission: Operations, Finance, and Information.  Each hands it's product to an outwardly-focused, drive-centric area.

    3D Operations
    (Faithful Delivery)

    Delivering on your promise time and again...that's the key to building strong relationships.  In the current alternative-saturated environment, those who fail to consistently deliver will quickly become irrelevant.  3D Operations assures that your direction and identity are infused into your processes, systems, and offering so that everything you do speaks to where you're headed and who you are.

    3D Finance

    Resources in the right place at the right time, deployed to realize superior returns...these are among the hallmarks of outstanding companies that invest wisely and measure thoughtfully.  3D Finance provides context for analysis, sharpens accountability, and heightens responsiveness  ensuring that your investment propels you down your intended road with unwavering integrity.

    3D Information
    (Actionable Information)

    Data that fills filing cabinets or clogs servers is a waste. Precise, timely information is priceless.  The Digital Age has flooded the information pipeline, making it essential to sort through the noise to find knowledge that creates advantage.  3D Information brings clarity to which data to capture, what technology to employ, and how to form meaningful content for clear-sighted navigation and faithfulness to your core down to the last detail.


    supply  b. systems  c. offering

    a. analysis  b. accountability  c. responsiveness

    gathering  b. translation  c. dissemination

  • What moves a healthy business forward?

    Reciprocal Relationships, Authenticity and Engaged People.


    Outward Health for Sustainable Growth. Three drive-centric areas engage your enterprise's mission, advancing the interests of all participants: Marketing, Governance, and People.  Each is fed from an inwardly-focused, spin-centric area.

    3D Marketing
    (Reciprocal Relationships)

    There are transactions, and then there are relationships. Transactions are over when both parties have what they want... relationships last as value grows for eveyone involved.  Realize the compounding value of relationships that access streams of new possibilities. 3D Marketing helps clarify your unique position within the market, determine the optimal media and message for interaction, and build participation so customers will join your journey like family, not merely passing strangers.

    3D Governance

    As choices and information create increasing noise and confusion, people are demanding greater authenticity from their relationships, the products and services they purchase, and the companies they work for and patronize. Your company position must be real – true and uncompromising.  3D Governance brings clarity to your most valuable properties, empowers your organization to handle them responsibly, and protects both you and your constituents to maximize your greatest assets, the first being your good name.

    3D People
    (Full Engagement)

    Every business would love to employ passionate, productive, insightful, creative, responsible, and loyal people...few expect to actually do so.  Unlock the potential of your people and you will unlock the potential of your business.  3D People grows your ability to attract the best talent, identify and develop capacities, and promote well-being.  An  empowered and engaged workforce will reflect and fuel your direction and identity.


    a. interaction  b. positioning  c. participation

    property  b. responsibility  c. protection

    . activation  b. performance  c. wholeness


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