[big] business

big_140The seemingly smallest things can have the greatest impact: a smile at the essential moment…a door held open…a conversation over coffee…a reliable friend.

Large scale change is rarely the result of large-scale effortsRather it grows from the compounded actions of many people who responsibily impact their family, community, economy, and nation for the better.  This determined leadership from the grassroots to the corner office stears us towards a better future through untiring consistency and right action at decisive moments.

Regardless of size, being [big] is what matters…a decision to be intentionally good…because what we stand for, how we treat people, and how we do what we do really does make all the difference.


  •  Business is business. Or is it?

    beacgobatics_280As profound changes reveal our inter-connectedness, an old truth is becoming increasingly evident: business is far more than just business.  In fact, business is often the most integrated area of society, impacting and being impacted by every aspect of our lives broadly and deeply.  As a result, businesses are in a unique position  to make a real difference – in individuals, in families, in communities, and in society – and reap substantial rewards as they intentionally do so.

    This is what it means to be a [big] business.  It has nothing to do with size.  It has everything to do with being intentionally good – good for the business, good for the people who participate in it, and good in ways that expand beyond its boundaries.


  • ROI of Relationships

    The “Business Is Business” approach is built on an inflated view of transactions.  [big] businesses possess an exceptionally high view of people.  They elevate relationships, and for good reason: transactions are over when each party gets what they want; relationships last and provide compounding, reciprocal value as they deal in the currency of trust.










    Products and services



    Connection and belonging

    Holistic care and growth


    Mind and body for limited time


    Trust, loyalty, passion, network, and participation

    Passion, productivity, insight, creativity, responsibility, and loyalty

    Maximize profitability and minimize risk

    Maximize productivity and minimize cost

    Policies design

    Build towords advocacy

    Maximize engagement


    This relationship-oriented approach produces exceptional, multi-faceted Return On Investment (ROI).  By engaging the Whole Human, [big] businesses draw extraordinary capacity from the participants in their market and company, efficiently delivering and exceeding business targets. Moreover, as [big] businesses grow their people, they produce cascading returns everywhere their people carry [big] principles.  The power of [big] businesses radiates outward by the direct impact of intentionally good operations and the indirect effect of its inspirational example.


  • big_140

    [big] Performance

    It’s our conviction that the most successful businesses of the future will be [big] businesses.  As we see it, [big] businesses are better businesses for several important reasons. They…

    Know where they’re going == Clear sense of direction
    Know who they are (and who they are not) == Strong identity that is less expensive to establish and maintain
    Know what to do and how to do it == Integrated, cohesive, brand-reinforcing operations
    Connect deeply and genuinely with their market – cost effectively == Enduring, participative customer relationships
    Connect deeply and genuinely with their workforce – cost effectively == Engaged, high-performing, and loyal workforce
    Manage with focus == Minimized distractions
    Realize superior financial performance


  • big_140We’d love to help

    We’re passionate about the success of [big] businesses because we know that only superbly operating businesses are in a position to make a big difference.  So, we work with you in three related ways to support your success:


    We listen to uncover what is best about your business – the things that form bonds of relationship between you and your constituents. lci_sphere_220
    We help you connect those best things together, infusing them into every aspect of your business.
    We imagine alongside you the new directions you might take your best things.

    Whatever your professional role, our guess is that there are important ways in which your enterprise is already [big], and we wonder how [big] it can get.  Here's what we know: [big] is within reach, and the difference it makes is worth it.



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