Now That’s Service!

The other night, I gathered with a group of colleagues at Land Thai restaurant on 2nd Ave and 81 St in Manhattan.  It was the first time any of us had been there.  As it turns out, it’s really my kind of place.  Now, I love Thai food, but beyond that, everything about the place spoke to intentionality: the calming environment/décor, the unobtrusive yet deliberate service, and the food (I’m told it was exceptional; I didn’t eat – long story).  Yet, the thing that caught my attention more than anything else didn’t happen until I was walking out the door.  It was then that I was politely interrupted and told that I overpaid the bill.  See, when the bill came, I was in conversation and, without looking, merely added 20% as a tip.  Little did I realize that – as is standard among many restaurants – because of the size of our party, they had already included the tip in the bill.  They could have kept the extra money and I wouldn’t have figured it out until it was far too late.  And, truthfully, I would have counted it as my mistake, not theirs.  But they didn’t keep the money.

By the end of the meal, having enjoyed the purposely-planned experience that the founders orchestrated and the staff delivered, I had reached the level of Affinity (on my ATRALA marketing framework).  The integrity shown, however, sky-rocketed me to Advocacy.  What became clear to me is that there is a story behind Land Thai.  It’s one I want to know more about.  It’s one I want to tell.  And it’s one that, after a single Trial experience, I have become a part.  Great job Land Thai!  I think you’ll be around for a long time to come.